Plato’s Teachings on Chocolate

Plato believed that reality is but a shadow of a secret perfect world. We may have the kindest people as our friends, but the pure idea of friendship is beyond our grasp. Because the true and ideal forms of all things and emotions reside outside our ordinary lives.

That other world is called La Naya. Some believe it was an ancient Mayan village where chocolate was invented. Others think La Naya is on a different planet. Some mad philosophers even argue it is outside the physical realm altogether.

But it doesn’t really matter where La Naya is. The point is to get there, somehow, someway.

Plato was wrong to think one can reach La Naya by contemplation. Nor will you get there by traveling…

It is only through the taste of our special bean-to-emotion chocolate bars that one can escape the cave of shadows and enter the world of perfection.


The Factory to Emotion

Pragamatists define us as a La Naya chocolate boutique located in the village of Rudamina, a 20 minutes drive down south from Vilnius, Lithuania. Romantics, however, call us the factory of emotions.

La Naya go one step further. At La Naya, our production processes are all about purifying emotions and expressing them through outstanding chocolate.

Our chocolate masters follow specific procedures to invest the chocolate bars with our dearest emotions in their absolute forms. Upon leaving our little factory of emotions, the mountain-shaped La Naya bars travel across the world to reach the true chocolate aficionados. The one and only bean-to-emotion chocolate in the universe, La Naya will let you escape the cave of shadows and enter the world of perfection.