About the experience

Indulge yourself into delicious, fragrant, dark, mysterious and fun chocolatey adventure!

Experience amazing, complex flavors unlike anything you would come to expect from chocolate.

We invite you, your loved one, your family, friends and colleagues to the Chocolate Tasting Evening that will provide you and your companions with a sweet and fun experience unlike any other.

The chocolate Tasting Event explores the rich history of the cacao bean, from the mountains of Peru and its divine history among royals to the sweet delicacies we are enjoying today.

While listening and watching, let your taste buds work, experience and enjoy chocolate of different flavors and nuances until you discover your favorite. And once you have learned and tasted enough, you will have a chance to turn your knowledge into experience and make the chocolate yourself!

If you prefer to enjoy this experience surrounded by just your own party at the place of your choice, you can choose to reserve your own exclusive Chocolate Tasting Event.

And to make the sweet memories last, a gift for each guest – LA NAYA presents to remember!


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Up to 2 hours


40 EUR / person

Minimum number of guests – 10.

Maximum number of guests – 20.

*Discount for the groups of 10 and more
*If the event is held at the place of your choice then the maximum number of guests is not limited.

How to find us 

LA NAYA chocolate factory
Pramonės g. 21,
Parapijoniškių kaimas,

See on Google Maps

Please fill the form below specifying the number of people willing to experience La Naya Tasting, your preferred dateslocation (Tasting can take place at La Naya Chocolate Factory or at your requested place) and any special requests you may have.

Tasting price for 1 participant is 40 EUR.

We will be happy to contact you as soon as possible with more details!