Limited Organic Madagascar Sambirano

Limited Organic Madagascar Sambirano


Madagascar Sambirano dark chocolate. Single origin -Akesson plantations. 

This chocolate is infused with the emotion of AUDACIOUSNESS – willingness to take risks. Madagascar is so unique and diverse with its unspoiled flora and fauna. It is the dream destination for the adventurous. Are you one of them? Dive in and seize the immense fun, be empowered by the sweet sourness of the bean that has the restlessness in its core. At La Naya we have already felt the adventure and we’re happily presenting it for you to enjoy.

Emotional structure: unspoiled uniqueness, sweet and sour fruits, molasses, wind of adventures.

73% cocoa

60 g.


EU/Non-EU Agriculture

Nutritional information 100 g. 60 g.
Energy (Kj) 2220 1332
Energy (Kcal) 570 342
Fat (g) 45 27
of which saturates (g) 28 17
Carbohydrates (g) 32 19
of which sugars (g) 28 17
Protein (g) 8 5
Salt (g) 0 0

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