Feuilletine and Coffee

Feuilletine and Coffee


Milk chocolate with caramelised peanuts, french waffles “Feuilletine” and coffee.

Archaeologists have suggested that these chocolate pieces are the debris of an ancient Mayan observatory. This would explain why the the refined taste of this chocolate reminds us of unfading human passion for knowledge. What’s more, it has been speculated that this mysterious chocolate may help the human mind understand better the movement of celestial bodies.


Handmade, wrapped with love and care in a silk paper and set in a Gift Box.

100g of crunchy happiness!

Nutritional information 100 g.
Energy (Kj) 2225
Energy (Kcal) 531
Fat (g) 33
of which saturates (g) 19
Carbohydrates (g) 46
of which sugars (g) 32
Protein (g) 11
Salt (g) 0

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