Figs in Handmade Dark Milk Chocolate 54%

Figs in Handmade Dark Milk Chocolate 54%


The fig tree is one of the first trees mentioned in the Bible. Fig fruit is a symbol of abundance, fertility and sweetness. It was also the favourite fruit of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. At the La Naya emotion factory, we suggerst you to feel a little bit of Egypt by tasting this extraordinary fruit covered in dark milk chocolate.

Handmade goods are wraped in silk paper and pasked in a gift box.


Nutritional information 100 g.
 Energy (kJ) 1390,17
Energy (kcal) 330,93
Fat (g) 13,01
of which saturates (g) 7,60
Carbohydrates (g) 48,11
of which sugars (g) 41,00
Protein (g) 5,35
Salt (g) 0,07