Limited Origin Nicaragua Nugu Bean-To-Bar Dark Chocolate 72%

Limited Origin Nicaragua Nugu Bean-To-Bar Dark Chocolate 72%


Nicaragua Nugu dark chocolate. Single origin. Nueva Guinea region. 

The chocolate in your hands is infused with the emotion of EBULLIENCE – the quality of being cheerful and full of energy. We know everyone needs some time off. To feel the breeze of the tropical monsoon and recalibrate their mind for new ideas. If you need some freshness, there is no better way to blow your mind than with the best quality chocolate. For hundreds of years Nueva Guinea people perfected beans to be considered the top quality for its genetic composition. At La Naya we wanted to do it justice and present to you unspoiled chocolate bar as close to its beans original taste as it can get. For the renewal of your mind and body.

Emotional structure: Feel of the tropical monsoon, flowers, nutmeg, brandy and smoke of Caribbean cigar, exuberance.

72% cocoa

60 g.

Nutritional information 100 g. 60 g.
Energy (Kj) 2250 1350
Energy (Kcal) 585 351
Fat (g) 44 26
of which saturates (g) 28 17
Carbohydrates (g) 32 19
of which sugars (g) 28 17
Protein (g) 8 5
Salt (g) 0 0

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