Raspberries and Black Currant

Raspberries and Black Currant


Milk chocolate with raspberries, black currant, rose petals and cornflower.

These pieces used to form the walls of La Naya’s garden of lovers. As one enjoys this delightful milk chocolate, memories of early crushes are likely to visit. The sophisticated taste is a pure – that is to say, Platonic – expression of first love.

Handmade, wrapped with love and care in a silk paper and set in a Gift Box.

100g of sweet and sour happiness!

Nutritional information 100 g.
Energy (Kj) 2133
Energy (Kcal) 509
Fat (g) 30
of which saturates (g) 19
Carbohydrates (g) 48
of which sugars (g) 34
Protein (g) 10
Salt (g) 0

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