Sesame and Pumpkin Seeds

Sesame and Pumpkin Seeds


Milk chocolate with sesame, cannabis, pumpkin seeds and cashew nuts.

The pyramid used to protect the authority of the Maya king from both enemies and overzealous devotees. Unlike other Mayan temples, the pyramid of La Naya was constructed entirely from chocolate. Archaeologists have discovered the last remaining pieces during the latest excavations. It is believed that whoever tastes this chocolate is destined for a powerful position in life.

Handmade, wrapped with love and care in a silk paper and set in a Gift Box.

100g of sweet nutty joys!

Nutritional information 100 g.
Energy (Kj) 2309
Energy (Kcal) 552
Fat (g) 37
of which saturates (g) 18
Carbohydrates (g) 38
of which sugars (g) 24
Protein (g) 14
Salt (g) 0

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