Special offer – 3 chocolate set

Special offer – 3 chocolate set



When the first timid rays of early morning sun tenderly starts to kiss the grass covered in dew, and the birds flying over the blooming fields of cocoa are rehearsing their first songs, the new day full of discoveries in the valley of LA NAYA begins. Smooth, velvety to the touch pistachio cream was playing games with crisp cocoa nibs in the river of milk and to their surprise the perfect match was born.


Nostalgia is always nearby. She is a lady with a scent of rye bread. Nostalgia has no face. And you cannot see her. But just one taste of this milk chocolate, and you’ll feel her breath again. Handcrafted in our factory of emotions, this ecological chocolate was infused with the emotion of nostalgia in its purest possible form. Sweet and with a hint of sexy, the nostalgic mood will embrace you gently, caress you, and fill your heart with honey. This bean-to-emotion chocolate bar may well be enjoyed among friends, but is best appreciated in solitude.

Ecstasy in Vatican

True joy cannot be hidden. It breaks free no matter what. And in that moment the heart is beating like the happy bells of Vatican. Our thoughts acquire light speed. And every creature now seems to be perfect. Not many people have experienced true ecstasy. Fortunately, however, the chocolate masters of La Naya have come up with a shortcut, a one of a kind bean-to-emotion chocolate bar infused with the emotion of ecstasy in its absolute form. During the emotification procedures of this ecological milk chocolate, we used a joyful combo of juniper and orange. What’s left for you to do is to follow the chocolaty way to an emotion worth living for.



240 g


EU/Non-EU Agriculture