Shipping & Returns


  1. Seller aims to give courier particular goods that has to be delivered within 5 working days after the payment for the goods.
  2. Lietuvos pastas, AB services are used for delivery of goods. The price of delivery is 4,99 EUR.
  3. Any order will shipped through the Lietuvos pastas, AB by registered mail.
  4. The buyer can read information regarding Lietuvos pastas, AB working hours (delivery time) and Lietuvos pastas, AB services in Lietuvos pastas, AB webpage.

Returns and refunds

Please note that La Naya items cannot be refunded or exchanged for food regulation reasons unless they are defective or out of date.

While we make every effort to ensure your chocolate arrives in perfect condition, sometimes chocolate bars may break or whiten during the transportation. Also, mailing chocolate in warm weather comes with a risk, as sugar or fat bloom might form due to outer heat. It does not make the chocolate inedible, but it can affect its appearance. Therefore, cracked or melted chocolate is not considered to be defective and cannot be refunded or exchanged.

For questions – please contact info@lanayachocolate.com